Trends, Trends, Everywhere

I like trying to understand trends.  I don’t mean short-term changes such as in fashion or food.  I find those difficult to understand.  Who determines whether mauve is the “in” color or whether avocados are here to stay?  I’m not even sure that I could pick out mauve behind the one-way mirror of a color line-up. “Officer, I think that it’s second from the left next to that yellowish looking thing”.   Not my strength.

But longer-terms trends are a different matter.  I think it’s because my brain likes to think strategically and to deal with broader concepts.  Peter Drucker in a rather heady quote said, “I never predict.  I just look at the window to see what is visible – but not yet seen.”  Even with the natural ability to see the yet-to-be-seen, it’s important to remember no one has perfect 20/20 vision looking into the future.  The horizon will be blurry and you’ll make some misjudgments and mistakes. 

Typically, in compiling industry trends I would attempt to develop a  “Top 10” list and even to toss in some humor to mimic the Late Show.  Apart from trying to get a kick out myself, there’s a fairly decent discipline in distilling anything to the 10 most important points.  So I’m still shooting for 10 trends but I won’t call it a “Top 10” list.  Why?  Since David Letterman has stirred up things recently for himself  he can keep the Top 10 to himself . . . for now.

With my next few posts about book publishing trends, I’ll most likely discuss 3- 5 trends each time so as not overwhelm myself or anyone who reads this.  Again, there will be no particular order or prioritization.  This is basically my rough draft, and I promise not to discuss mauve or avocados.


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