The Book Publishing Brain Spin

I’ve been reading whatever I can find about book publishing trends.  It’s confusing.  Well, not really confusing, it’s just that you have to spin your brain around a few times to understand from whose perspective you’re looking at these trends. Is it the publisher perspective?  The agent?  The reader? Without the brain spin you can very easily confuse yourself.

The consumer perspective is pretty easy for me, because . . . well . . . I’m a consumer so no dizzying brain spinning involved.  I understand the online channel as I’ve bought books from Amazon and I understand the bricks & mortar channel as I just enjoy walking around bookstores (I also enjoy checking out guitars in music stores but that’s another story).

I’ve never used a Kindle or Sony Reader.  In fact, except for photos I’ve never actually seen one.  Nor do I own an iPhone.  But  I’m starting to understand the  potentially disruptive impact that digitized content will have on traditional book publishing and book reading and that it’s not just bits & bytes or any specific device.  Perhaps more significantly it’s an underlying transformation of the reading experience from the tactile element to multimedia delivery to faciliated sharing and discussion to potentially participating in content creation.  

In my next few posts I will identify as many book publishing trends as I can.  At this point it will be just a compilation.  Yes, a long, quasi-confusing list.  I won’t attempt to break it out by consumers, authors, publishers, agents, reviewers, publications, or even events.   That will have to come later after my grey matter has settled back into place.


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