Integrated Media: A New Twist

When I hear the term “Integrated Media”, I think about combining various print, online, and face-to-face media products into an integrated package. It’s a term that probably came into existence when publishers began to feel the first signs of the declining long-term trend several years ago and they became creative in packaging together (mainly print) products into a package.

Chris Brogan in his blog post, Thoughts on Nowhere and Nowhen, led me to think about a different version of Integrated Marketing. He writes about synchronous and asynchronous communications. Even though there seems to be a movement towards live, lifestreaming communications, not everyone nor everythings needs to be shared that way.

He describes the first web as the brochure web which gave rise to the second web, the two-way web and poses the question, “What if the third web is about the relationship of things and places between the physical world and the placeless, timeless world?” An interesting perspective especially for those pondering the future of b2b media. And what if instead of defining Integrated Marketing from a publisher-centric product perspective, you defined it from s customer-perspective as to where and when they want and need to get their information and where and when iti makes sense for synchronous and asynchronous to come together?

I’m not proposing an answer, but I am pointing to a perspective that could dramatically alter the way by which we view the future. More to come on this one.


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