Social Media Strategy I

My next step is to develop and etch in my brain what I think a social media strategy should look like.  I’ll start by quickly reviewing the articles I’ve gathered and then I’ll develop my own little mash-up in a way that makes sense to me.  In  my next blog post, Social Media Strategy II, I’ll lay out the steps and fill in the details.

I’ll start with the Mashable article How to Develop a Social Media Plan for Your Business in 5 Steps and build from there with the other articles I’ve gathered about developing strategy.  The ultimate social media strategy isn’t stand-alone, it’s part of a broader strategy and incorporates other elements such as SEO.  But let me start and see where I end up in my mini strategy mash-up.

  1. Listen
  2. Prepare
  3. Engage
  4. Go Offline
  5. Measure Success

Another Mashable article Social Media and SEO: 5 Essential Steps to Success offers another 5 step program.

  1. Find an Audience
  2. Define You Objectives
  3. Establish a Game Plan
  4. Create a Tactical Mix
  5. Measure Your Goals 

Upping the ante a little bit Lorna Li in her Green Marketing 2.o blog post 6 Steps for Creating a Social Marketing Media Roadmap Plan offers the following steps:

  1. Understand What Social Media Is
  2. Understand What Social Media Can & Can’t Do
  3. Determine Where the Conversations Are Happening
  4. Divide . . .
  5. . . . and Conquer
  6. Trust in the Force

Jason Bauer his Marketing Prof’s article adds a different twist and another step The 7 Must-Haves in Your Social Media Strategy :

  1. Describe the Business
  2. Business Goals
  3. Where is the Audience Cyclically?
  4. How Does the Audience Use Social Media?
  5. The One Thing
  6. How Will You Humanize the Brand?
  7. How Will You Measure Success?

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