First Ramblings: Why this Blog?

Anyone out there? Anyone listening?  Hello?

Didn’t think so.  But it doesn’t matter.  Hello?  HELLO? 

My first blog post. Daunting?  Intimidating?  Begun with trepidation?  Not really.  If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear does it make a sound?  If someone blogs into the amorphous space of the Internet . . .  talking to myself again . . . still?

The only concern I have is that I’m not a natural writer.  The words don’t flow easily for me.   I marvel at the ease with which some people express their thoughts.   Not me.  I have to work hard at writing.  I stumble, make mistakes, backtrack to fill in missing words and correct a sometimes jumbled mess.  I am a craftman, not a skilled craftman, just a craftman, in my writing.   But to self-congratulate myself  I’ve improved greatly from my first, disastrous 4-page essay in college.

So why start this blog?  No audience.  Hard work.  No apparent reward.  Sounds like running a marathon where you finish in the middle of the pack, torturing yourself with golf even though you’ve barely cracked bogey, or devoting time to the guitar when the callouses on your fingertips painfully come and go as you struggle for even slight improvement.  Wait . .  did I just profile myself as a masochistic, self-indulgent, self-torturer?   

You can’t hide from the truth. 

I like ideas and concepts.  But like my writing it’s hard for me to move those general ideas and concepts from vague notions in my brain to words that describe the details.  Generically, I think of intelligence in two broad categories: “brightness” and “smartness”.  Someone who is extremely “bright” is able to take in information, process it quickly, and spew it forth again in various iterations.   Someone who is extremely “smart”  takes in information, thinks deeply about it, and develops new connections.  Those who are both extremely bright and smart rule the world or at least run successful coffee houses. In the intellectually segmented world according to Bob, I wouldn’t use “extremely” to self-describe myself, but I do recognize that I’m a lot more smart (smarter?) than I am bright.  But like writing it takes intense effort for me  to get there from here.

So I hope to use this blog to explore ideas and just to figure out stuff that intrigues me.  Recently I’ve been attempting to understand social media.  I started by watching and listening.  Then I began to engage in the conversation through posting comments, updating my Facebook status, and sending tweets.  This blog is another step in becoming more proactively engaged in the social media space , in better understanding the blogging process, and in creating a place where I can do the combined hard work of writing and thinking.  To get going most likely I’ll start with what I’ve written already as comments to other people’s writings and questions so there may be several posts in a relatively short period.  But I hope that after the novelty wears off I will have the discipline to make regular posts. 

We’ll see.  Or I’ll see.  Is anyone listening?  Hello?


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